Cartoon characters’ first appearances versus most recent appearances.

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i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me

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driving past your old elementary school likeimage

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Shop Open


I opened my shop for some pre-orders Im going to close it on the 27th
I also added some Tshirts up on my shop just as a test so im only taking size unisex M [but its the size of a mens M/L]
this will be the only time I will be selling the HQ keychains since I want to remake them at some point

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bitch i caame dressed to kiiiiill

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6” MLP Mythological Rarity Auction 

Rarity - now with hoofer floofers and lushes lashes!



ahhh wonderful it’s the best when people remember to make their unicorns different from horses

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Little Girl Plays on Gentle Giant Tibetan Mastiff ** video **

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Cyborg is still my fave though.  

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Something simple between projects.

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Sheinside is a lovely online store that sells trendy clothes at an afforable price. I do a lot of online shopping and have recently fell in love with this clothing website! They produce good quality clothing and have FREE worldwide shipping! 

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 Above are two of my personal favorite products among many that I really like. Click here to be redirected to their site, happy shopping! 

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High-waisted floral pattern dress at Fashion Kawaii use the code kyecebo for a 10% discount on any purchase! 

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Cat bat shirt from Cute Kawaii use code kyecebo for a 10% discount on any purchase! 

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hi can you direct me to the nearest hospital

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"Am I too sensitive or do I have the right to actually to be upset?" A musical.

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