Asch’s Birthday Shindig!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! Asch’s birthday is coming up and I thought it would be an awesome idea if we all got together to wish Asch a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDDAAYYYY!!!!

WHEN? AUGUST 24TH 2013 (Saturday) @ 5pm to 10pm (or whenever you have to leave)

(5400 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30071)

WHAT??? Malibu is a place for Go-carting, video games, mini golf, and bumper boats!! It would be so much fun if we all came in cosplay so please dress up but in casual character wear so nothing too big and extreme to get in the way of your fun! Make sure you bring money and gifts!! (whole potatoes are accepted) For more information about the place you can go visit their website:

WHY?!?!?! BECAUSE OF ASCH THAT’S WHY!! Besides, it would be fun seeing everybody together before the next convention 

I DO NEED TO KNOW WHO CAN MAKE IT ASAP SO PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND TELL ME IF YOU ARE GOING. We can get a group discount for a group with a minimum of 10 people (info here:

Please message me if you have any questions :) <3 PapaPocky

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    It’s getting pretty close!! make sure you guys TELL ME IF YOU ARE GOING!!! I have to let Malibu know how many people are...
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